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baby burps and career management: how I did it

10 weeks ago, I had a baby. My third boy. A story of its own, one that I like to keep to myself.

10 weeks ago, I did not really interrupt my career, I adapted it. I've never been the type of woman who hoped that a baby would take all the space left in my life, bring me entirely back to my family and away from my job, my company, my professional dreams and projects. No romanced dreams of motherhood while being away from the job, no such thing for me.

these last 10 weeks, I needed my job to be a happy mom, I needed moments where I was absorbed by professional thoughts to forget that breastfeeding took half my time. I needed to resume my job as a business coach, even if it was only for a few sessions, to feel that I’m someone besides a mother. I needed to attend (formal and informal) business meetings with my baby to reassure myself: I could still get my brain to shove sensible words into my mouth while carrying a (burping) newborn in a sling against my milky chest. I needed all those things and I’m so happy I just followed my instincts to achieve the strange mix I’d like to call my personal balance.

so what now? Well, I’m relieved. I did it. Bring a third child into this world, feel all the dimensions of motherly love, letting tears come to my eyes when he first smiled at me, interrupting whatever I’ve been doing because I juste wanted to take him in my arms, to look at his chubby cheeks or whatever else I did to embrace what now became 6 kilograms of pure love and happiness. Yes, I did it without abandoning my position as a working mom. I kept answering emails, chasing clients, hosting coaching sessions, attending meetings. I kept taking care of my two other boys, I spent time with my husband, friends and family. I even took time for myself.

the best part - but also the strangest to me - is that I’ve never felt guilty about how I handled the past 10 weeks. I just struggled with the thought that maybe i should feel guilty, or shouldn’t I? But then only for a few seconds. Was it because I didn’t have the time to feel the guilt (did I mention my two other boys are 4 and a half and almost 3)? Or just because all the time I spent on personal development during the last 3 years, my coaching classes and - of course - the pure wisdom at the age of 37 (ahem…) finally brought some peace in my life?

10 weeks after Noam’s birth, I’m just proud. I can be the mom I want to be and keep busy as a professional. And I can do that just by spending my time as my guts tell me to. Isn’t that a nice form of happiness, when you can replace guilt (or thoughts about guilt) by proudness?

I didn’t have much doubt, but now I know it for sure: starting kappaCity was the right thing to do. It’s only in kappaCity that I could experience what I experienced these last weeks. And a happy mother in kappaCity, a mother who found her very personal balance while stopping to judge herself, well that’s a kappaMum to me. Care to join the club? kappaDads welcome as well, of course :-)

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