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we change the grammar of business

if we define grammar as the system of language (to keep it short), we can say that it is our aim to enable fundamental changes regarding the system of business and, as a consequence, regarding the way we live together. kappaCity changes the grammer of business by using the professional coach's method and the tools to grant its clients access to the full potential of different types of intelligences.

the core identity of kappaCity is about that: kappaCity is and always will be emotion, connection and sensitivity.

inspired by Robert B. Dilts' words, kappaCity is a next generation entrepreneur, a business through which I live my dreams and want to create a better world.

| kappaVision | invite people to live in kappaCity, a community believing that everyone has the ability (in French: la "capacité") to make a difference and to act accordingly

| kappaMission | enhance access to, encourage the use of and help improve emotional, relational and sensitive intelligence

| kappaAmbition | be proud, respect and accept myself because I know I provide my best efforts to make a difference

| kappaRoles | coach, mother, teacher, listener, role model, dark chocolate

if you want to work on the vision, mission, ambition and roles of your project or company, kappaCity can help you with that. Get in touch by clicking here!

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