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team coaching

emotional and relational intelligence for a better team

team coaching is meant for teams of 2 to 10 persons. A team differs from a group because its members function together to reach a goal and meet objectives by using a certain method. A "job" is done together and this job requires internal and external communication.

the coaching agreement is prepared and agreed upon by the team leader and each individual team member. There is no team coaching without first meeting every team member. The coaching takes place during sessions of variable length, at or outside the team's working premises.

team coaching can be defined as a way of "support during several sessions responding to the definition of coaching" (Training Manual "Accompagnement d'équipe" of the Leading & Coaching Academy", 2014, p. 17). Team coaching differs from team building, incentives and team training.

when team coaching is not the adequate response to the needs of a team or a group, kappaCity also offers coaching workshops.

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