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how individual coaching works

with an individual client: coach and client agree on a number of sessions, price, evaluation and most of all, the objective or objectives the client wants to meet.

with a company or organization: the agreement is set up with the coach, the company and with the "coachee". The coachee must fully agree to take part in the coaching process and participates in setting up the coaching objectives. The coach therefore always meets the leader and/or human ressources manager as well as the "beneficiary" of the coaching before starting his work.

kappaCity method

individual coaching with kappaCity is mainly focused around your career, wether current or future. Of course, coaching also deals with the relationship between career and family, private and social life when the coaching objective requires so.

the coachee is approached in all his dimensions: emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual levels are indeed related. That's why we talk about "alignment coaching": the success will also depend on the alignment of the four levels. It is demanding, but it works. And above all, it is an approach which enables lasting results. In this way, the coachee can fully take advantage of his autonomy when stepping into action.

as fundamentally, we believe in various types of intelligences. "IQ" is nothing without its allies. The potential of coaching is to put you in touch with your emotional intelligence, to enhance your relational intelligence and to increase the value of your sensory intelligence. All your "intelligent" potential is called upon to enable you to unfold the capabilities you need in your professional life.

what allows this approach is an integrated use of learnings coming from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis and systemics. To which you can add Non Violent Communication and the inspiration of various authors and role models like Isabelle Filliozat or Maria Montessori. The recipe is unique and is the result of Charline Desmecht's willingness to elaborate a method that will suit a person throughout one's whole life.

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individual coaching is also possible by Skype, FaceTime or any other videoconferencing system.

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