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event coaching: the emotion of truly being together

being an event coach means using the coach's method to serve your satisfaction. We start upstream to help you define what you really expect from your event, what is essential to you and what is less important, what is within or beyond your control. This makes you better prepared to chose a date, a location, a theme, speakers, communication channels during and after the event, and so on.

the "coach's method" guarantees that the upcoming event will feel familiar and above all that you will have measuring points to keep track of your progresses and to stay on course. It is your event, your needs are central.

in a second phase, we cas also assist you during the preparation of the event to make sur your concept is clearly echoed towards all internal and external parties: colleagues, speakers, suppliers, audience and guests. We can provide such help in two different ways: either by helping you in setting up your internal way of working, or also by acting as your point of contact and preferred partner with external parties.

for these type of jobs, the kappaCity coaches cooperate with experienced project managers and, if need be, put you in contact with reliable and efficient suppliers.

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