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a coaching workshop by kappaCity is an activity designed for groups or teams of 4 to 40 people for at least half a day (up to 10 participants) and at least one day (as soon as there are more than 10 participants). Shorter time periods do not allow an effective participation of the team or group members and do therefore not qualify as "workshops". Of course, we are always happy to join you for any form of interactive company speech to raise awareness about coaching and its possibilities.

the workshop program is set up by a kappaCity coach in cooperation with a person representing the team or group for the purposes of the workshop. The coach will listen to this (factual) leader in order to chose the tools and exercices that will be used to work on the identified competencies. The client is behind the steering wheel and every workshop is unique.

ideally, a coaching workshop is also followed by a debriefing session between the coach and the workshop leader. This enables the coach to provide detailed feedback on the day and to discuss possible follow up activities with the group.

a coaching workshop is not a team coaching, but is more than just team building because the coaching methods and tools are used to turn the activity into a real learning moment, with lasting benefits.

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