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core competences

the 11 competences required by ICF

the International Coach Federation requires that professional coaches prove that they master 11 core competencies. These 11 competencies reflect what really matters in coaching practice. They are also - and above all - what distinguishes ICF coaches from other coaches.

everyone is free to call himself a coach. There is no specific regulatory framework. The International Coach Federation (ICF) provides and supervises a private but strong framework in its capacity of referral authority in the world and in Belgium. Coaches following the ICF method and their clients both benefit from this.

I myself attach a huge importance to the fact that I was trained at the Leading & Coaching Academy (LCA), which is ICF certified. In the same logic, I am fulfilling the steps leading to the first level of ICF Certification: ACC or Associate Certified Coach (almost done!).

the Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching training at LCA by Pierre-Jean De Jonghe, Eliane Joris and Sylvie Timmers is, as required by ICF, based on 11 competences which each coach must be able to demonstrate.

the 11 core coaching competencies are divided into 4 categories:

setting the foundation of the relationship with the client

1. the foundation: meeting ethical guidelines and professional standards

2. coaching agreement: understand the client's needs and agree on a solution meeting those needs

reinforce the relationship with the client

3. build a relationship based on trust and respect

4. communicate in an open, flexible and confident way

communicate with the client

5. ability to focus on verbal and non verbal communication and support client self-expression

6. ask powerful and meaningful questions

7. communicate directly and indirectly

facilitating learning and results

8.integrate and evaluate all sources of information and come to solutions to meet the client's objectives

9. with the client, create opportunities for ongoing learning and for taking actions that will lead to agreed-upon coaching results

10. plan and set goals with the client

11. manage progress and accountability: hold attention on what is important for the client and leave responsibility with the client to take action

I will share my personal reading and practical examples linked to each of the above competencies through the kappaCity stories.

for the full and up to date version of the 11 core competencies, please refer to the ICF website by clicking here.

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