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the short version

coaching by kappaCity is meant for you if you want to

| dare | start or secure a project

| lead | yourself and others

| communicate | refine your communication with, for and towards others

and for so much more. Because your are in charge, under the professional guidance of the kappaCity coach.

the longer version

you feel bored or, worse, often angry during your working hours? you feel a project is coming to your mind but you hesitate to say it out loud, let alone get started with it? Working with a kappaCity business coach can help you to dare: dare start looking for another job, dare to start a discussion with your boss or colleagues, dare to take some time off to start building a new project. And so much more.

you were recently appointed as a team leader? you feel something is not running smoothly in your team? you don't know how to handle the increasing number of burn outs in your company ? Working with a kappaCity business coach can help you to lead: set your first steps as a team leader and become a charismatic one, define your leadership style, based on a strong self confidence, and use it in your day-to-day interactions with your team, get to know yourself better and choose to become an exceptional leader. And so much more.

you fear those moments when you will have to tell someone bad news? you are not comfortable when someone comes to you with a tricky question? you don't know how to communicate about your leadership with your team? you would like to tell a beautiful story to your clients about what you are doing for them? Working with a kappaCity business coach can help you to communicate: become a better listener and speaker in one-to-one and group situations, be confident that your have all the elements you need to build a strong story for your customers. And so much more.

discover the core coaching competences mastered by our ICF coaches and find out how kappaCity could help you through individual coaching, team coaching, coaching workshops or event coaching. It's all on this website. And if it's not, just ask what you would like to know!

read the stories by kappaCity and discover, week after week, the method used by kappaCity, its sources of inspiration and some coaching examples.

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