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today, I feel really happy. Because I just did it. Create, build, write, translate, correct and launch www.kappaCity.net. It means more to me than just another commercial step in the development of my business. This is my official coming out as a business coach. You can already read about that in the 3 first stories that are already published (about my personal transition, active listening and coaching people struggling with change).

coaching is breathing. Coaching is listening. Coaching is giving you access to your emotions and helping you to use their force to reach your goal. Coaching is putting my intuition in powerful questions to help you make your very own choices.

coaching, identity & stories

my life changed when I decided to dedicate it to the mission of enhancing access to, encouraging the use of and helping improve emotional, relational and sensitive intelligence. The first step to make that happen was to make business coaching a career priority. You'll find information about that on the coaching pages of the website.

when reading the identity pages of the website, you will understand that I put my heart into this business. The slogan where I claim that "we change the grammar of business" are words that I tested first for myself. I went through an intense transition and change process - one I can best describe as entering a garage, having all the pieces set apart and then rebuilt. It took me months to figure it all out and I will continue to adapt to this way of living and running a business. I want to coach by example, which is also why I'm currently developing a kappaCity training programme with other coaches and partners. I'll let you know when that's fully up to speed!

the stories will be published two or three times a week. You will find stories about business coaching and tools used to improve emotional, relational and sensitive intelligence. You will read stories about inspiring people, business leaders, artists, students, ... I will also share reading tips and write stories about the books that help me shape my career as a business coach, that inspire me as a parent or just as a citizen. This story is in English, French and Dutch, the other ones will be in one of those languages only (which is challenging enough to me). Like I said above, you can read the first stories which I published as teasers by clicking here.

spread the word & contact me

for today, I have a very special request: give me your feedback on the website, the stories, make sure you have all the information to drop the name kappaCity and refer to me when you hear an individual or a company needs assistance to take action, to reach an objective. I will quickly follow up on calls, emails and other messages coming in through the contact page.

the place to say thank you

to finish this launch story, I really want to thank those who already are or were my clients. The trust they give me means the world to me. Regarding the website adventure, I especially want to thank Koen Dewit and his amazing Zenjoy team for being the best (and most patient) webmasters I could have hoped for. You'll read more about them in a story tomorrow. I also thank Bianca Cerrato who assisted me with her SEO-skills and gave feedback on the English texts on this website. And finally, thanks to my husband Aart Geens who did his very best to cope with my stress while putting his life at risk when suggesting corrections. And he promised to write a story soon, isn't that great?

so welcome in kappaCity, welcome in my stories. Much more to follow. Promised.

charline desmecht

you can also follow me on Twitter at twitter.com/kappaCity1 and find a link to the latest stories on my Facebook Page Coaching by kappaCity. Pictures and inspirational thoughts will be available through Pinterest.

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