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I’m so excited about this story, you have no idea. How will I start? Roger Cohen is, in many aspects (but not all :-)), the entrepreneur I want to be in a few years from now. That sets the tone, he’s a role model and I really love working with him.

what do I do with him? As a coach in kappaCity, I cooperate with Roger's career coaching center called OrientaEuro. You can read everything about that in the link at the end of this article, but before that, stay with me for a few more sentences. (At least, make sure you check out whether you can benefit from the VDAB sponsored "loopbaancheques" offering 8 hours of coaching at the price of 80 EUR.)

but let's go back to the hero of the day - what’s so exceptional about Roger? First of all, he comes from Argentina and you hear that in his soft Spanish accent when he speaks English (or French, for that matter). He tells me that languages are his weakness, I think that the way he uses them are a strength: he speaks honestly and in a way everyone can understand.

that last part is something he sees as a strength himself: « I love my ability to synthesize different concepts, situations, elements into something very simple and easy to transmit, I love the way I can do it, the process, the results. I love it when people grasp what I’m trying to explain, saving them a lot of time ».

whether you work with OrientaEuro as a coach or as a client, you’ll soon experience that this is so true. That’s exactly what makes it interesting for me to work with OrientaEuro: (almost) everything is well organized, simple, accessible and transparent. It just makes you want to use the various summaries and protocols Roger created to make career coaching a more efficient tool. And if you happen to find something that is a little under perfect, he fixes it in less time than you need to say it. A role model, I told you, for everyone who likes efficiency (don’t we all, in some ways?).

just a few more words to tell you how excited Roger was when I asked him what creativity means to him. I hope these lines can transmit the smile on his face when he said: « I feel happy every day using that ». Yes, it is his main and most critical strength, the one he uses every day to feel « useful, alive and passionate ». Definitely, we have someone there who loves the job he created for himself. (And as a proof of the many aspects of his creativity, the picture illustrating this article is a personalized romper he gave us when our third son Noam was born - we love it, the way he adapted the "3 circles" of the OrientaEuro method!).

anyhow, you’ll find everything you want to know about Roger's official CV on LinkedIn (connect if you didn’t do it so far, one day you’ll need him). And make sure you check out the OrientaEuro website, whether you envisage career coaching for yourself or you want to recommend it to someone. In the best case, for both Roger and me, you’ll use the creativity and administrative support offered by OrientaEuro to work with me as a passionate and dedicated business coach. Hope to hear from you soon!

charline desmecht

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